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Caroline in Jane Smileys A Thousand Acres :: Smiley Thousand Acres Essays

Caroline in A Thousand Acres   It is really striking that a novel in which bodies of people and bodies of land (and, intertextually, bodies of text) be so central, creates a character that is so distinctly unbodied Caroline Cook. Nevertheless, it is in keeping with traditional and patriarchal interpretations of Cordelias character in King Lear a paragon of purity and transcendence.   While her sisters bodies are thoroughly described and, not least, imbued with meaning, Caroline is forever described in terms of her business-like take-me-seriously-or-Ill-sue-you demeanor (13), her expensive apparel and assertive actions. She is in fact described like a earth, a trait first exposed when she as a child says that shes not issue to be a farmwife when she grows up, but a farmer (61), then when Ginny has her moment of insight toward the end, and suddenly sees everybody clearly for what they are her eyes darting from one face to another, calculating, always calculating. ... S he climbs into Daddys lap, and her gaze slithers around the room, looking to see if we have noticed how he prefers her. (306) She is still unbodied here, described in terms of eyes and mind. This is metaphorically a male domain in Western thought, the gaze is traditionally male, categorizing external reality in order to have power over it by utilizing reason. Nor, of course, is it nonessential that Caroline is the educated one, emphasizing further her belonging to the male realm. Whereas Roses man-ness is based on a destructive rage, Carolines is based on cold calculation, therefore she is to a greater extent successful playing by the rules of the patriarchy. It must be remembered, however, that she is able to use the system because she has been shielded from its negative side. Ginny and Rose have always protected her from Larrys anger, incest, and gross(a) suppression of their own identities. While Larry signifies so many things to the elder sisters, not least the horribly intim ate -familiar- memories of incest, Caroline can say about him that he looks as familiar as a father should look, no more, no less. In this, as Ginny replies, she is lucky. (362) Of course, saying that Caroline is like a man signals complicity with gender-stereotypes. She is a positive character in that she is assertive and self-contained, as when she criticizes Larrys idea to divide the farm.

Industrial Engineering :: Engineer Engineering Essays

Industrial Engineering What is industrial engineering? The domain of a function of industrial engineering has had many definitions given to it. Most of the definitions include whole of the same elements stated in slightly different ways. For example the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) defines industrial engineering as the profession in which a knowledge of the mathematical and natural sciences gained by study, experience and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize economically, the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. 1The American ground of Industrial Engineers (AIIE) defines industrial engineering asconcerned with the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of people, materials, equipment and energy. It draws upon specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical, physical and social sciences unitedly with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design to specify, predict a nd evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems. 1Both definitions describe industrial engineering as a broad theme concerned with integrating all the different aspects in a service or production environment. Part of being an industrial engineer is learning how to proportionateness changes.HistoryThe origins of industrial engineering can be traced back to many different sources. Fredrick Winslow Taylor is most often considered as the father of industrial engineering steady though all his ideas where not original. Some of the preceding influences may have been Adam Smiths treatise The Wealth of Nations, published in 1776, Thomas Malthuss Essay on Population, published in 1798, David Ricardos Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, published in 1817, and John Stuart Mills Principles of Political Economy, published in 1848. 1 All of these whole kit provided Classical Liberal explanations for the successes and limitations of the Industrial Revolution. Adam Smith was an economist as were most of his contemporaries at the time. Economic Science is the phrase to describe this field in England prior to American industrialization. The amount of influence this literature had on Taylor is unknown.Another major contributor to the field and precursor to Taylor was Charles W. Babbage. Babbage was mathematics professor at Cambridge University. One of his major contributions to the field was his book On the Economy of Machinery and Manufacturers in 1832. In this book he discusses many different topics dealing with manufacturing, a some of which will be extremely familiar to an IE. Babbage discusses the idea of the learning curve, the division of task and how learning is affected, and the effect of learning on the generation of waste.

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Persian Gulf War Essay -- essays research papers

The Persian Gulf is one of the few regions whose importance to the unify States is obvious. The flow of Gulf oil will continue to be authoritative to the stinting well-being of the industrialized world for the foreseeable future developments in the Gulf will have a critical impact on issues ranging from Arab-Israeli relations and religious extremism to terrorism and nuclear nonproliferation. Every president since Richard Nixon has recognized that ensuring Persian Gulf security and stability is a vital U.S. interest.The Clinton administrations strategy for achieving this goal during the presidents beginning(a) term was its attempted "dual containment" of Iraq and Iran. This is more a slogan than a strategy, however, and the policy may not be sustainable for much longer. In move to isolate both of the Gulfs regional powers, the policy lacks strategic viability and carries a high financial and diplomatic cost. Saddam Hussein is still in power half a dozen years after his d efeat at the hands of a multinational coalition, and the international consensus on continuing the containment of Iraq is fraying. The strident U.S. campaign to isolate Iran, in turn, drives Iran and Russia unitedly and the United States and its Group of Seven allies apart. Finally, the imposing U.S. military presence that helps protect the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) from external threats is being exploited by hostile elements to persuade advantage of internal social, political, and economic problems. The advent of the Clinton administrations second term, together with the imminent inauguration of a new administration in Iran following this Mays elections, provides an opportunity to look backward U.S. policies toward the Gulf and consider whether midcourse corrections could improve the situation. The first step in such a reevaluation is to view the problems in the Gulf clearly and objectively. In Iraq, the United States confronts a police state led by an errati c tyrant whos limited but potentially serious capacity for regional serve is currently subject to constraint. In Iran, the United States confronts a country with potentially considerable military and economic capabilities and an imperial tradition, which occupies a crucial position both for the Gulf and for future relations between the West and Central Asia. If Iraq poses a clear and relatively simple immediate threat, Iran rep... ...bsp   773     n.a.Imports (goods, US$ billion)     1,030     1,222     n.a.The performance of the US prudence is uninspiring in the early part of 2001. While industrial production recorded its fifth consecutive monthly decline in February 2001, retail gross revenue fell again in February after the rebound in the previous two months. The IMF has recently revised its US growth forecast for 2001 from 3.2% to 1.7%. Despite signs of economic weaknesses, the US empl oyment condition remains sound and inflation is well contained.Sourceshttp// http// http// http// http// http// http// http// http//,%20Iraq,%20Libya.htm

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome :: essays research papers

Fetal Alcohol SyndromeWhat is Fetal alcohol syndrome? Exposure to alcohol before birth toilet cause a variety of different problems. One of the close to severe effects of drinking during pregnancy is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). FAS is known as one and only when(a) of the leading preventable causes of mental retardation and birth defects. If a woman drinks alcohol during her pregnancy the baby can be born with FAS, which is a lifelong, physically and mentally disabling condition. FAS is characterized by distinctly abnormal facial features, a growth problem, and central nervous system problems (brain problems). People who suffer from FAS may either have problems with learning, memory, attention span, communication with others, vision, and/or hearing. These problems often lead to trouble in school or social problems and getting along with others. FAS is a indissoluble condition is already born babies who have it. It affects every aspect of an individuals life and the lives of the people around them. However FAS is one hundred percentage preventable if a woman does not drink alcohol while she is pregnant.Many people do not think that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is common. This statistic all the same is widely varied. Studies show that FAS rates range from 0.2-1.5 per 1,000 births in different areas of the United States. I think that the odds of a child suffering from FAS is low because most mothers that have children are smart about their choices, if you know youre having a child then you must give up the alcohol. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is only based on the mothers care of herself and if she chooses to endanger the life and well being of her children. There are many signs of which may be able to tell you if you or your child suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. They may have the following characteristics or exhibit the following behaviors small in height or free weight in comparison to others of the same age, abnormal facial features such as small eye openin gs, poor coordination, hyperactive behavior, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities (i.e., speech and quarrel problems), mental retardation or low IQ, problems with daily living, poor reasoning and judgment skills, and sleep and sucking disturbances in infancy. Children with who suffer from FAS are also say to be at risk for psychiatric problems, criminal behavior, unemployment, and incomplete education. These are known as secondary conditions which are problems that children are not born with and may acquire throughout life but do not necessarily have to.

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To most people ethnicity is shown by values, lifestyles, customs, and rituals that atomic number 18 personal to an individual ethnic group or religion. The feeling of belonging to a certain group is a basic need for mankind. In a sense, ethnicity can be separated into two special(prenominal) categories, a unique social structure and culture heritage passed down from one generation to the next. I come from a Mexican family. This has shown me the many similarities, as well as differences in a Mexican family compared to an American family. From a young age we are taught that the value of family is the most important thing in the world. Most Americans encourage their children to move out after graduation from either high school or college, Mexicans trust that their children should live with them until they are married or around the ages of 25-30 years old. The most important family member in the Mexican family are the elderly. They are given special treatment and attention. For exampl e our beliefs is that the elders shouldnt go to loneliness homes. They are welcome in the family and are cared for until there last days. Grandchildren are taught to be respectful and to aways Listen to the elders, especially if theyre your grandparents. Most Mexican families are super traditional, with the man as the head of the house hold, and the authority figure. Machismo (masculinity) in all latino countries is a huge problem, not only because women are being strip of their freedom, but because men abuse their power. I asked five Mexican women how they felt about Machismo in Mexico. Two of the five women told me kind of the same thing They believe that it is not a bad thing, but it depends on the man. The other three were very against it, and they ... aspect for Americans, because most Americans have their life planed out on a cellphone or on a planner and too often it doesnt include their family. Mexican food is influenced by the ancient civilization. For exampl es the Mayans ate corn tortilla with a bean paste that covered the tortilla. The Aztec found out that mixing and squishing different types of vegetables makes a savory appetizer they call salsa. They also learned how to make what are now called tamales. When the Spaniards came they brought over milk, rice and other products that were new to Mexico. But have now remained in the cuisine. Mexico has an amazing culture. It is full of wonders and mystery that are yet to be discuss. Mexico just like any other country has its fall backs, but one day Just like the United States it will rise up and be one of the most powerful countries in the world.

R.E.M. - Automatic for the People :: Music

R.E.M. - involuntary for the PeopleProfessors note This is the best freshman establish I have received this entire year It is, without a doubt, a question that has been raised in the mind of every man since the days of Defoe and his fearless castaway, Robinson Crusoe. What would it be like to be maro unityd on a forego island? And so myself and each member of my English class has been asked to imagine ourselves as advance(a) day Crusoes, stranded in a origination of our own, engulfed in an ocean of solitude, with no another(prenominal) person for hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles. Yet, on each of our respective desert islands we ar not completely void of emotional contact with others, for our professor has totallyowed us to bring a traveling companion a CD of our choosing that is to be our notwithstanding connection with the life we once led. The task of choosing a single compact disc as my only tangible connection to the outside world was one that I approached with rese rvation. This CD will not only be my sole companion in a world of solitude, but a soundtrack for the backup of my life. Its songs must remind me of my former existence and have the ability to adapt to each new situation I am presented with, yet neer agree itself. It must be one that I can play everyplace, and over and appreciate its beauty more each time. It is by these qualifications that I select Automatic for the People by R.E.M. as my desert island disc. Admittedly, Automatic was not my first choice, or even my second. When the assignment was first presented to me, like a piata at your eighth birthday party, I was unsure of which album to even consider first. There were so many choices, and like the piata, it was going to appropriate a few swings before I was rewarded. I had Simon and Garfunkels Greatest Hits packed the minute the task was presented, but there was much debate among my classmates over the appropriateness of a greatest hits album as a desert island disc. Th ey argued that a compilation did not truly capture the emotion of the band, but quite offered all of the works fewone else deemed worthy on one disc. I conceded, and after much thought, moved onto 10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged. I love this album, but struggled to find some reason, other than I like it, to justify spending the rest of my life with it.R.E.M. - Automatic for the People MusicR.E.M. - Automatic for the PeopleProfessors note This is the best freshman essay I have received this entire year It is, without a doubt, a question that has been raised in the mind of every man since the days of Defoe and his heroic castaway, Robinson Crusoe. What would it be like to be marooned on a desert island? And so myself and each member of my English class has been asked to imagine ourselves as modern day Crusoes, stranded in a world of our own, engulfed in an ocean of solitude, with no other person for hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles. Yet, on each of our respective desert islands we are not completely void of emotional contact with others, for our professor has allowed us to bring a traveling companion a CD of our choosing that is to be our only connection with the life we once led. The task of choosing a single compact disc as my only tangible connection to the outside world was one that I approached with reservation. This CD will not only be my sole companion in a world of solitude, but a soundtrack for the rest of my life. Its songs must remind me of my former existence and have the ability to adapt to each new situation I am presented with, yet never compromise itself. It must be one that I can play over, and over and appreciate its beauty more each time. It is by these qualifications that I choose Automatic for the People by R.E.M. as my desert island disc. Admittedly, Automatic was not my first choice, or even my second. When the assignment was first presented to me, like a piata at your eighth birthday party, I was unsure of which album to even consid er first. There were so many choices, and like the piata, it was going to take a few swings before I was rewarded. I had Simon and Garfunkels Greatest Hits packed the minute the task was presented, but there was much debate among my classmates over the appropriateness of a greatest hits album as a desert island disc. They argued that a compilation did not truly capture the emotion of the band, but rather offered all of the works someone else deemed worthy on one disc. I conceded, and after much thought, moved onto 10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged. I love this album, but struggled to find some reason, other than I like it, to justify spending the rest of my life with it.

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Should Parents Give Their Children Mobile Phone?

Now days, agile resound become popular in all of people. Hand phone help people to communicate easily. But in the fact, mobile phones can addict psyche not only adult people and also young people. Parents should think the impact of using mobile phone to their children due to it is disturbance of their field of operation and social relationship. Children do not want to far from their snuff it phone. They bring it everywhere, including when they study at home or study in the classroom.So, their concentrate not only in their study but also in their hand phone, they will choose to receive call than they conduct their study. In the other side, when parents give hand phone to their children, it will build their relationship and create interaction dialogue or communication. Children will contact someone who they are expected such as their friends, brother, sister, uncles an etc. it can make warm situation around them, they would not misinformation each other.If children often to comm unicate someone they will have good interaction, easy to communicate. So, with their relationship and their interaction it will make them confident to utterance their opinion. Even though there are advantages of hand phone for children, but in the fact the highest percentage is the disadvantages of hand phone. Hand phone for children causes the damage of personal such us lazy to do something. If children performing hand phone, they would not want to do the other activities.If they have bad relationship with other people, it will influence their habitually like easy to pee-pee emotion. So, hand phone has the big rule of their behavior if they could not use in the right way. Parents must be active to control their children when they use mobile phone. Even though parents easy to communicate with their children but they would not know who their children called. So, giving children hand phone is not the best choice for parents who busy with their career.

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Health Care Reform Matrix Essay

With your learning team, complete the wellness C are Reform matrix below. Listed in this matrix are some of the topics add upressed by the Patient Protection and cheap Care Act policy. You are take to describe the issue, in your birth words, and list 2-3 points about each topic at a lower place each heading in the matrix.Describe the issueKey concerns regarding the issueHow is this issue addressed in the current health heraldic bearing environment? How go forth this issue be addressed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?Patient Bill of RightsA tonicly implemented effect of protections that apply to health restitution reportage starting on or after September 23, 2010. The patient bill of rights was implemented to end common restitution abuses much(prenominal) as discrimination against children with preexisting conditions, ban on redress companies dropping or limiting reporting for individuals in their utmost time of need, and coverage for contraceptive care. In the past insurance companies were known to deny coverage for people with preexisting conditions including children. Also in the past insurance companies were allowed to deny coverage for incumbrance treatments.Currently in the health care environment insurance companies are no longer allowed to discriminate against children with preexisting conditions and are non allowed to deny or limit coverage. persons are now entitled to coverage regardless of their health status. The affordable care act has implemented the patient bill of rights which makes it mandatory for insurance companies to accept individuals and provide coverage regardless of their health status and regulates coverage for certain preventive testing mandatory such as cancer screening, immunizations and auditory modality and vision test for children and newbornsMedical Loss RatioMedical loss ratios are defined as when an insurance company spend a considerable portion of consumer premium dollars on administra tive costs and profits including exe disasterive salaries and marketing. Lawmakers puddle raised some concerns about the MLRprovisions, including the issue that insurers are not allowed to derive insurance agent, broker and salary bonuses and commissions from their medical loss ratio expenses The ACA requires certain healthinsurers to provide consumer rebates if they do not meet a set pecuniary tar croak known as a medical loss ratio (MLR)Beginning in 2011 all health insurers are required to publicly get data reports detailing aggregated tell apart level financial data as well as income from premiums and expenditures on health care claims quality amelioration taxes licenses and regulatory fees low the ACA.State-based Health insurance ExchangeOnline State Health Insurance comparison websitesA state can offer its own insurance or work with other states to establish regional insurance coverage exchanges People who are not able to obtain affordable insurance through their workpla ce, Medicaid or CHIP had the opportunity to purchase health insurance during open enrollment October 2013. 25 states out of the 50 united states have intractable not to run an exchange for their particularised state residents People who are not offered affordable insurance through their workplace must purchase coverage individually which can be quite expensive. Residents of states that do not offer specific insurance can explore coverages offered by regional exchanges The Act promises to give individuals health coverage by correcting the insurance markets and insurance. Individuals can compare and contrast coverage. Coverage will be of one of two packages, Family/Individual coverage and Small Business coverage.Federally-facilitated Insurance ExchangeFederal government will have to be aware of insurance laws that are state specific Federally Facilitated exchanges do not have the option to regulate which health visualizes are purchased through the exchanges analogous states do St ates are allowed to decide which health plans they desire to have participating in their exchange If plans out side of the federally facilitated exchanges offer coverage that is less-comprehensive and more affordable residents maychoose to purchase that kind of than the federal The National Committee for Quality Assurance use accrediting companies to determine which health plans are qualified Residents are able to chose which insurance provider they would like to purchase from if they chose to do so All health plans within the state will be allowed to move in the Affordable Care Act It is communicate that as sicker people begin to make more claims on coverage purchased through exchanges the price for coverage will increaseConsumer Assistance ProgramsConsumer assistance programs to a lower place the Affordable Health Care Act were implemented to booster and assist consumers with filing complaints, Appeals, as well as to assist consumers in enrollment in health care coverage, a nd educate consumers on the rights and responsibilities. Also by law data is collected on consumer inquiries and complain as well as problems to second identify concerns with in the marketplace and strengthen enforcement in a quality improvementA ley concern with consumer assistance programs is the overlook of adequate funding. Aside from the lack of adequate funding consumer assistance programs were put in place to address consumer complaints and concerns and assist consumer when enrolling in health care coverage, as this will be a fundamental necessity to expanding coverage to millions of Americans. new resources will servicing develop and expand programs to help consumers with health insurance questions and concerns consumer assistant programs vary from state to state but typically states are utilizing consumer assistance programs to help improve coverage elaboration Future federal funding and the improvement of available resources can help states improve consumer assistance p rograms which deal with consumer complaints, enrollment concerns, and enrollment and coverage assistancePre-existing Condition Insurance PlanA pre-existing condition is a health or medical condition that a patient has prior to having an active insurance policy. These conditions include but are not limited to sum of money problems, Cancer, Asthma, or Kidney disease. This plan also known as PCIP provides coverage for those patients with pre-existingconditions under a special plan. In the past patients have been denied medical insurance due to pre-existing conditions or received medical benefits but exclude pre-existing conditions. Therefore, patients have larger out of pocket costs for the medical care they really need.Currently with the changes that are being done with the healthcare reform, insurance companies are not allowed to deny coverage to patients due to a pre-existing condition. However, in that respect is an exception with grandfathered plans which dont benefit the patien ts at all. PCIP was started to help those patients who need the coverage while the reform is fully enforced. PCIP was closed due to funding could not be guaranteed. However as of 2014 the exchange plans were opened to those who need it and provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. This allows patients to obtain coverage for their medical conditions without having to pay extra premiums or meet certain guidelines in order for medical services to be considered for payment.Annual Limits AlishaIn the past many health coverage plans included a lifetime dollar limit or annual limit that the healthcare plan would cover for a patients treatment and patients were required to pay all gold exceeding that limit patients with expensive healthcare would heart paying costs when they exceeded their lifetime limitsCoverage for Young PeopleYoung Adult Coverage is provided for dependants under the age of 26. This allows them to maintain insurance coverage through their parents. This plan is avail able even if the dependant gets married, has their own insurance, a learner or living independently. in the lead the Affordable Care Act adult children would be removed from policies due to their age, school status or where they lived.Automatic enrollmentLosing coverageExtended coverageAre dependents required to get parents insurance when they can get their own?The boylike adult coverage is not a requirement. Parents can decide if they add their children and if they continue to do so until they are 26 years of age. Some policies offer additional coverage for young adults but they need to check with their insurance flattop. The young adult does not have to be financially dependant or live with their parents in order to receive coverage. This issue was addressed to help lower the amount of uninsured individuals. They ensured that increased premiums will not exist in order to make it affordable and convenient. The Affordable act states an insurance carrier cannot increase payment or deny to add a dependant. They provided a special enrollment period in September 2010 in order for young adults to take full advantage of the changes.Grandfathered PlansAccording to (2014), Grandfathered plans are those that were in existence on blemish 23, 2010 and havent been changed in ways that substantially cut benefits or increase costs for consumers. Insurers must notify consumers with these policies that they have a grandfathered plan. (Grandfathered health insurance plans). These types of plans can be obtained from employer or individually (paid directly by the consumer)A key concern with this type of policy is changes that can be made such as increased premium payments. These plans are not slip to have a fixed rate or fixed increase. Individual policies do not have to cover pre-existing conditions even with the new reform law in place This plan can limit which doctors a patient can visit.There is a way around this type of insurance plan. If there is a ind icateificant change in the policy the insured individuals need to be notified. With significant change the policy may be required to drop the Grandfathered plan status and therefore positive changes in the insureds coverage.Considerations were taken when making the decisions for this law. The law did not go into effect until March 2010 therefore old policies do not fall under this act. The only insurance policies that were going to be impacted are those that became effective 04/01/2010.Prevention due(p) to the high rise in cost and health care, Americans throughout the world were unaware and uneducated about health care prevention. Therefore, individuals had minimal knowledge how to step-down the chances of disease.Costs75% of health care costs on chronic illnesses can be prevented 7 out of 10 deaths a year are due to illnesses that could have been prevented with the use of preclusive health care The ACA helps make prevention for Americans, affordable and devilible. The act ensur es that most of their health plans cover the recommended preventative services. Americans with offstage health insurance are able to gain access to preventative services at no cost. In March 2010 congress passed a new health legislation law, Affordable Care Act, in which makes health care, and preventative care services an easier and less costly way for Americans to have access to these types of services.Review of Insurance PlansThe Affordable Care Act is providing health care coverage to millions of Americans. On January 1, 2014 , the health care market was open to those who wanted to sign up under the Affordable Care act. There are 5 different categories or metal levels of coverage in the Marketplace.According to Marketplace Insurance Categories (2014), Plans in each category pay different amounts of the total costs of an average persons care.Bronze Your health plan pays 60% on average. You pay about 40%.Silver Your health plan pays 70% on average. You pay about 30%.Gold Your hea lth plan pays 80% on average. You pay about 20%.Platinum Your health plan pays 90% on average. You pay about 10%.Catastrophic Catastrophic coverage plans pay less than 60% of the totalaverage cost of care on average. Theyre available only to people who are under 30 years old or have a hardship exemption. As of January 1st, 2014 most Americans had to obtain a qualifying health plan. If they did not they will face a fine.All health plans on the Marketplace can be purchased with subsidies if you qualify.Currently Plans and estimated prices for 2015 coverage will be available in early November.The Affordable Care Act wanted to provide individuals and families health care coverage. The Marketplace plans that are offered help consumers find the policies that best meet their needs.Student Health PlansStudents be college are often limited to health insurance coverage, possibly leaving students and their families with extreme costs in medical bills. Limited benefitsNot all student health pl ans are the sameHigh cost in medical billsDifficult to understand health insurance plans and coverageThrough the ACA students have preventative coverage and consumer protections. Protections provided to students who enroll are annual limits, medical loss ratio and notice requirement. In February 2011, a proposed regulation was issued from the HHS for students, therefore ensuring students the enroll in ACA coverage, get the health plan they need. Self-funded, Non-federal Governmental Plans AlishaA non-Federal governmental employer that provides self-funded group health plan coverage to its employees (coverage that is not provided through an insurer) may elect to exempt its plan from certain requirements of Title XXVII of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act. (CMS 2014) In the past sponsors of self-funded, non-Federal governmental plans were permitted to elect to exempt certain provisions of the Public Health Service (PHS) ActMedicaid Expansion BREEProviding states with additional fede ral funding to expand their Medicaid programs to cover adults under 65 with income up to 133% of the federal poverty level. So the states that have expanded Medicaid, will be able to provide free or low-cost health coverage to people whose income is below a certain level. Medicaid expansion is a voluntary action by each state.Over 15 million men, women and children will be eligible for Medicaid in States that participate in Medicaid Expansion. Although in the states that have not expanded on Medicaid, will leave 5.7 million people uninsured in 2016 .Currently out of the 50 states , 20 are states still have not expanded their Medicaid program. Supporters of the healthcare law believe that the Medicaid expansion will save both state and federal money while extending healthcare coverage to millions of lower-income Americans. Opponents say it is just another example of government overreach and that it is up to the states to determine whether they can afford such an expansion (Is Medicai d Expansion Good For The States? 2014). The Affordable Care Act is actually the reason states are being provided extra funding to expand their Medicaid (2013). Retrieved from http//, (N.D). Affordable Care Act (ACA) Consumer Assistance Program Grants. Retrieved from https// (2014). Retrieved from https// (2014). Retrieved from https// Health Policy Briefs. (2013). Retrieved from http// Family foundation, (Feb, 29, 2012). Explaining Health Care Reform Medical Loss Ratio (MLR). Retrieved from http// -health-care-reform-medical-loss-ratio-mlr/Marketplace insurance categories. (2014). Retrieved from https// Expansion Good for the States?. (2014). Retrieved from http// U.S Department of Labor. (2014). Retrieved from http//

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Poverty and Lifeboat Ethics Essay

A famous Chinese proverb goes Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day teach him how to fish and he will eat for the rest of his days. Although this wise advice was given thousands of years ago, nowadays looks interchangeable no powerful or rich government on Earth understands that sentence.Garrent Hardin, author of Lifeboat moral philosophy The Case Against Helping the Poor show us an truthful perspective on how the rich countries in the world, by donating food and money, instead of helping poor countries get out of their misery, ca phthisis more hunger and strife. In addition, he tells us that overpopulation in poor countries should be controlled soon, or the current situation will turn ugly very fast.Although Hardins evidence is well-nigh indisputable, his position is not. I understand why the author deals that helping poor people is a bad idea but he isnt tone at many others sides of the situation. At the beginning, my reaction was the opposite. I was totally convinced by Hardins theory. I desperately sought a place in spite of appearance a lifeboat But after discussing the essay in class, and hearing myself repeat Hardins words that express his indifference rough poor people, and also rethinking his thesis in which poor people dont prolong a chance for a better life, I changed my position. I cant weather those ideas because in my own point of view, they are false. It is just not true. Some countries and some societies already made a change. Some countries like South Korea, capital of Singapore and China have broken the poverty cycle. We shouldnt be so negative and we must remember that even so the poorest people on the planet have imagination, ideas, beliefs and an imperative necessity to change their own universe.However, I think that the answer is within Hardins thesis too. Poor people dont motif food and clothes only in cases of emergency. Instead, they need a few rich governments interested in giving them tools and ways to improve their economies, to develop their ideas and to use their creative minds. Without that little help all life in this planet will disappear. So, helping the poor is also a way of helping everyone else, even rich people. And here Hardins thoughts are necessary Without a true world government, controlled reproduction and the use of available resources, the sharing ethic of the spaceship is impossible. (Lifeboat Ethics The Case Against Helping the Poor. Pg. 310.) If the poorest destroy their natural resources, the consequences will be for everyone, regardless of how much each possesses.In conclusion, I think Hardin is correct when he asks about the future on Earth, if we take statistics and analyze their results for the year 2050. However, his position against helping poor people and trying to eliminate them from the face of the Earth is wrong. I believe in a true world, where rich countries use their development technology and their healthy, well-nourished minds to decrease the percentage of p overty in the world, and where everyone wins the right to live in this, our planet Earth.

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Ballroom Dance

B tout ensembleroom dance refers to a set ofpartner dances, which are enjoyed bothsociallyandcompetitivelyaround the world. Because of itsperformanceand entertainment aspects, dance hall dance is also widely enjoyed on stage, film, and television. may refer, at its widest, to al intimately any type of social dancing as recreation. However, with the emergence ofdance loosenessin modern times, the term has become narrower in scope. It usually refers to the International Standard and International Latin style dances. These styles were developed in England,and are in a flash regulated by theWorld Dance Council(WDC).In the United States, two additional innovations are popular American SmoothandAmerican Rhythm. The term dance hall dancing is derived from the wordball, which in turn originates from the Latin wordballarewhich means to dance (a dance palace being a large room specially designed for such dances). In times past, ballroom dancing wassocial dancingfor the privileged, lea vingfolk dancingfor the lower classes. These boundaries have since become blurred, and it should be noted even in times long gone, many ballroom dances were really elevated folk dances.The definition of ballroom dance also depends on the era balls have feature popular dances of the day such as theMinuet,Quadrille, Polonaise,Polka,Mazurka, and others, which are now considered to behistorical dances. BallroomDances 1. Cha Cha The Cha Cha is a lively, flirtatious ballroom dance full of anger and energy. The classic Cuban motion gives the Cha Cha its unique style. Partners work together to synchronize each movement in perfect alignment. 2. Foxtrot The Foxtrot is a ballroom dance that is lots of fun and simple to learn n excellent dance for beginners. The Foxtrot is a smooth dance in which dancers make long, aerodynamic movements across the floor. 3. Jive Jive is a ballroom dance style that originated in the United States from African-Americans. It is a lively form of Swing dance, and a variation of the Jitterbug. 4. Lindy Hop The Lindy Hop is the ballroom dance considered to be the father of all Swing dances. It is known for its unique, athletic style, and often contains aerial jumps, twists and flips. 5. Mambo he Mambo is one of the most sensual and emotional Latin American ballroom dances.Swaying hip movements, facial expressions, arm movements and holds all add to the sensuality of the dance. 6. Paso Doble The Paso Doble is one of the liveliest ballroom dances, originating in southern France. It is modeled after the sound, drama, and movement of the Spanish bullfight. 7. Quickstep The Quickstep is a quick version of the Foxtrot. It is a ballroom dance comprised of super quick stepping, syncopated feet rhythms, and runs of quick steps. The Quickstep is exciting to watch, but among the most difficult of all the ballroom dances. . Rumba The Rumba is considered by many to be the most romantic and sensual of all Latin ballroom dances. It is often referred to as the Grandfather of the Latin dances. 9. Samba Possibly the most popular of all Brazilian ballroom dances, the Samba is popular with young people as well as older generations. The Samba can be performed solo or with a partner. 10. Tango The Tango is one of the most fascinating of all ballroom dances. This sensual ballroom dance originated in South America in the early twentieth century. 1. Viennese Waltz The Viennese Waltz is a quick rotating ballroom dance with a subtle rise and fall. It is considered by most to be one of the most difficult dances to learn. The simple and elegant rotational movement characterizes the Viennese Waltz. 12. Waltz The Waltz is one of the smoothest ballroom dances. It is a advancing dance marked by long, flowing movements, continuous turns, and rise and fall. The dance is so graceful and elegant, Waltz dancers appear to glide around the floor with closely no effort.

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Allegory of the Cave and Narrator Essay

As the philospoher Seneca once said, It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable. Raymond Carvers Cathedral is a story about a man who started out as a closed-minded man but, throughout the story his character changes as he lights to tie with his wifes friend, Robert, a man who is blind. Platos Allegory of the cave is a story about a pris geniusr who is freed from being locked in set up quick all of his life metro and attaining out a different perspective about a lie hes been living his whole life, being told as a conversation amid Socrates and Glaucon.In the stories, Cathedral by Raymond Carver, and Allegory of the Cave by Plato, both authors argue that a persons reality is not al modes what is seems to be. In Cathedral, Raymond Carver uses irony between the narrator and Robert when they talk about the duomo. The narrator tries to explain how a cathedral looks like with words when he says To begin with, theyre very tall. I was looking around the room for clues. They reach port up. Up and up. Toward the sky. Theyre so big, some of them, they lease to have these supports.To help hold them up, so to speak to Robert who is blind and nookyt really apprehend what is being said. (Carver, scallywag 24, lines 448-451). Until Robert asks to be drawn a cathedral when he says Hey, listen to me. Will you do me a favor? I got an idea. Why dont you find us a pen and some heavy paper. Go on, bub, get the stuff the narrator realizes that Robert sees by touching around the paper. (Carver, page 25, lines 492-495). What the narrator doesnt understand is that the blind man apprizet see what he sees even though he thinks that by describing with words about how a cathedral looks, helps.The irony Carver is trying to show is that the narrator is the one who is blind, not Robert, because he perceives his reality to be similar to Roberts but instead really isnt. In Allegory of the cave Plato uses allegory about the message that is being compared to an imaginary pr isoners life. Socrates explains to Glaucon Behold Human beings living in a underground cave, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the cave here they have been from their childhood, and have their legs and neck chained so that they empennagenot move, and can only see before them, being prevented by the chains from turing round their heads.Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised way and you bequeath see, if you look, a low wall built along the way, like the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets to imagine a person who is living a certain kind of way for a long accomplishment of time. (Plato, page 8, lines 5-14). Then they are told that what they are living is a lie when Socrates says And now look again, and see what will naturally follow if the prisoners are released and disabuse of their error.At first, when any of them is liberated and compelled suddenly to stand up and turn his neck round and wlak and look towards the light, he will suffer sharp tenor the glare will distrees him, and he will be unable to see the realities of which in his former state he had seen the shadows and then conceive some one saying to him, that what he saw before was an illusion, but that now, when he is approaching nearer to being and his eye is turned towards more real existence, he has a clearer vision, -what will be his reply? (Plato, pages 8-9. Lines 42-51). Socrates then says And if he is compelled to look straight at the light, will he not have a pain in his eyes which will make him turn away and take in the objects of vision which he can see, and which he will conceive to be in reality clearer than the things which are now being shown to him to explain that the prisoner will want to believe what he is already accustomed not to what has on the button been told to him. (Plato, page, lines 57-61).The metaphor that the story compares to is a prisoners life and perspective of reality, once you are told that the way you have been living for your whole life is wrong, you are most likely to be scared of the truth that has just been told to you since the reality that you have been living isnt what it seems to be. In both stories, Cathedral by Raymond Carver and Allegory of the cave by Plato, both authors use imagery to descibe how the characters in the story are lead to a new reality that has been bestow upon them.In Cathedral the narrator learns the way Robert sees things when he says He ran his fingers over the paper. He went up and down the sides of the paper. The edges, even the edges. He fingered the corners. All right, he said. All right, lets do her. He found my hand with the pen. He closed his hand over my hand. Go ahead, bub, draw, he said. Draw. Youll see. Ill follow along with you.Itll be okay. Just begin now like Im telling you. Youll see. Draw, the blind man said. (Carver, page 26, lines 50 8-514). Carver reveals that by being very desciptive using imagery, the reader can understand how the narrator is getting really tense in a good way when he is shown that his perspective of reality of blind people just being blind and nothing else is about to change.In Allegory of the cave the prisoner is being taken to see a new perspective of the way he used to think when Socrates says And suppose once more, that he is reluctantly dragged up a steep and rugged ascent, and held fast until hes coerce into the presence of the sun himslef, is he not likely to be pained and irritated? When he approaches the light his eyes will be dazzled, and he will not be able to see anything at all of what are now called realities. (Plato, page 9, lines 63-68).Plato shows that by using imagery in his story, people can notice that the prisoner is in a lot of pain when he is being shown that his perspective of reality of the shadows being his reality is about to change for the sopor of his life. In both stories Cathedral and Allegory of the cave both charcters of the story are being shown a different way of idea. This new way of thinking evolved them into a better self being. Both charcters, the narrator and the prisoner were challeneged into a new way of thinking, both stuck to it till the end, and both became more of a execute person.

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Literary Output of Filipinos are not Book Lovers Essay

Introduction Reading is an important study skill and an important tool for becoming a good person plainly Philippines is actu altogethery not a nation of book lovers unlike in Japan. In Japan, most bookshops seemed to be the most popular feature of practically both street block.Body Reading a book is becoming an unpopular activity among Filipinos right now unlike before. The problem is Filipino writers are by and large not appreciated by us. We dont even talked slightly them in our conversations. Compared to Londons Virginia Woolf, one of the most Popular author/writer, most all of her works were sold out in every bookstore in London.And in some instances, her works were one of the best sellers ang being talked about in London. Here in the Philippines, you can count those Filipinos that will go to store just to buy a book and enjoy being just reading a book. Filipinos hate solitudes. Reading a book requires patience, time and even endurance in order to understand every chapter a nd it will sincerely take a lot of time finishing it . Unlike in watching a movie, it can be done for only an hour or two. But as you can see, reading a book is much better than watching it in movie because in movie not all the details from the book are there.Conclusion We prefer watching cinemas and hanging out with friends, instead of going to library and read a book. Like in our schools today, they used visual aids to catch our attentions like power point presentations. I can say that Filipinos love entertainment because for us, it is more interesting.Definition of hurtBook a division of a literary workCommiseration to sympathizePrimitive being the first or early of the kind sex segregation lonelinessHorrid extremely disagreeable

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Elderly Co-culture Interview Essay

E genuinelyaffair has changed since I was your age, is what my grandmother had to say when asked about her experience festering up. My grandmother, Mrs. Ruby Parker Sloan was natural on December 6th, 1943 in a small town in Ohio. She was raised in a small farmhouse along with 4 sisters. Her mother was a usual woman of her time one that stayed at home with the children, cooked, cleaned and of importtained the house. Her father was as well as a usual man of his time one that worked end-to-end the hours of the day in order to provide for his family-a man that had been working since the age of 9 years old.My grandmother has raised 4 children, including myself so she has seen firsthand the changes and differences in not only her and my coevalss, but the generations in between. She has experienced the changes of racism, engine room, parenting, morals, warfare and many other aspects of our society. For her, she felt society as a whole has changed dramatically. One of her main concern s of the differences of now and then was the differences in parenting. She pointed out that during her time it was unheard of for there to be a school shooting similar to that of the Columbine or Virginia technical school incidents.She felt that had a lot to do with parenting itself that parents were obviously not concerned with their children and/or not involved enough in their lives to know that they were planning to pull a mass murder of their peers with weapons stored under their own roof. Another point that concerned her was the difference in child discipline. She is a firm believer in whipping your child rather than no, no and the notorious five second count used by parents immediately. She stated that children ask to understand the consequences to certain actions about of which can cause harm to themselves or others.One thing she said about her experience as a parent was Some kids just need a good spankin. My grandmother told me that you would never see a child submiting their parents no or I hate you during her time, it just didnt happen. in that location was a level of respect between children and their parents then, something that a lot of kids today just dont have any morethats the parents smirch is what she told me. Todays culture was something my grandmother felt strongly about.She felt that one of the downfalls of our culture today was the promotion of sex everywhere you turn, which especially influences the early ones of today she stated. She felt that this advertising in music, television, and everywhere else you go only teaches kids the pleasure and excitement of sex itself instead of the morality and consequences involved. My grandmother continued to tell me a scenario where she was driving to the store a few weeks ago and she heard a song with the chorus birthday sex and that the person singing it sounded very young.What the hell is that all about she said. Its terrible how these adults that promote and advertise this stuff are okay w ith it she stated. My grandmother said television didnt rase show pregnant women on it when she was growing up, her parents also slept in different beds during that time. Elvis Presley was looked upon badly by parents of her time because of the sexual nature of his dancing. You cant even turn to the family channel without seeing a show about a pregnant teenager or some sort of sexual thing going onits just sad she said.She also felt that this promotion of sex to kids and young adults was the cause of self esteem issues and that it was also the culprit for a lot of kids these days thinkin theyre grown because sex is such a cool and grown up thing to do. Sex these days, to her, is doing nobody but sending the wrong message to young adults about self appearance and decision making when it comes down to right or wrong. When my grandmother was growing up technology was, a fortunate family on the street owning a black and white television.There was no email, texting, cell-phones, etc. People still merely relied on the old fashioned stamp and envelope methodor even a more advanced versionthe telegram. My grandmother always mentions how overmuch she loves her high definition, flat screen television something she could never imagine existing as a child. My grandmother always seems to be amazed by technology today, and it also seems she is usually ten years behind the understanding of todays technology. During our conversation, she continually referred to her DVD player as a VCR.She also seemed amazed by the advancement in todays computer and video games to that of even when I was a child with a first generation Nintendo. My grandmother has been around to go from the record player, 8track player, cassette player, CD player, all the way to the digital MP3 players that can hold thousands of songs in something half the size of a dramatise of cards, it just amazes metechnology todayjust imagine where it will be when youre me my age she said. Talking to my grandmother in an interview fashion was a very interesting experience.It gave me insight on a different time that was experienced by someonea time that has passed and will never be relived the same. It caused me to think of how I am at the same point in my life that she was at my age it also caused me to wonder how things will differ from today and two generations from now. Society has changed drastically since my grandmothers generation and it will continue to grow throughout mine the samehopefully for the better, but I guess its all about who you ask.

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The M/S Milad Nor Company Essay

1) Read chapters 1 5 and review the PPTs we cover in class. 2) Expect 5 or 7 short-answer questionsGeneral Questions 1. In class we reviewed ternary firms in three diametric countries. The M/S Milad Nor Company in Afghanistan, Caritex in Bulgaria, and Obod in Montenegro. Each family was faced with different problems and issues. Please briefly summarize the similarities between the firms and their individual issues. How do the problems faced by these firms comp are to problems faced by similar firms in more developed countries? 2. Your stock food market make-believe calls for you to invest in securities with a significant presence outside the US debt, equity, commodities, currencies, derivatives In researching equities trading on replacements outside of the US what similarities/differences thrust you found compared to firms trading on exchanges in the US? Chapter 11.The verge globalization has become very widely apply in recent years. How would you define it? 2.What does an MNE need in order for it to create value through and through the globalization process? 3.How does the concept of capitalism actually kick in to the globalization process of a argument, as it moves from elemental to multinational stages of development? 4. Define and explain the hypothesis of comparative advantage5. Key to understanding closely theories is what they say and they dont. Name four or five key limitations to theory of comparative advantage. 6.Why have Eurocurrencies and LIBOR re master(prenominal)ed the centerpiece of the global financial marketplace for so long? * These are domestic currencies of one nation on deposit in a sanction agricultural * The Eurocurrency markets serve two valuable purposes * Eurocurrency deposits are an efficient and convenient bullion market subterfuge for holding excess corporate liquidity * The Eurocurrency market is a major source of short-term patois loans to finance corporate working capital needs (including export and import fi nancing) * LIBOR is the most widely genuine rate of interest used in standardized quotations, loan agreements, and financial derivatives transactions *7. Which assets play the most circumstantial role in linking the major institutions that make up the global financial marketplace? * The linkages are the interbank networks using currency. Without ready exchange of currencies the market is hard-pressed to operate efficiently.Chapter 21. How does ownership alter the goals and judicature of a business? Public ownership may be wholly state-owned or partially in public traded. State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) are created for business purposes rather than for regulation or civil activities. Private firms may be publicly traded (stock) or privately owned by partners or family. 2.Why is this separation so critical to the understanding of how businesses are structured and led? 3.Explain the assumptions and objectives of the shareholder wealth maximation model. 4.Explain the assumptions an d objectives of the stakeholder wealth maximization model. 5.Define the interest termsa.Corporate governanceb.Agency theoryc.Stakeholder capitalism6.In Germany and Scandinavia, among other countries, labor unions have representation on boards of directors or supervisory boards. How might such union representation be viewed under the shareholder wealth maximization model compared to the corporate wealth maximization model? 7.In many countries it is common for a firm to have two or more classes of common stock with differential voting rights. In the United States the average is for a firm to have one class of common stock with one-share-one-vote. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each agreement? 8.What are the key differences in the goals and motivations of family ownership of the businessas opposed to the widely held publicly traded business? 9.It has been claimed that failures in corporate governance have hampered the growth and profitability of some prominent firms loc ated in appear markets. What are some of the typical bms of these failures in corporate governance?p34 10. Do markets appear to be willing to pay for good governance?p36 Chapter 31.Under the gold standard all national governments promised to do the rules of the game. This meant defending a fixed exchange rate. What did this promise imply about a countrys money supply? 2.If a country follows a fixed exchange rate regime, what macroeconomic variables could cause the fixed exchange rate to be devalued? 3.What are the advantages and disadvantages of fixed exchange rates? 4.Explain what is meant by the term impossible trinity and why it is true. 5.Fixed exchange rate regimes are sometimes implemented through a currency board (Hong Kong) or sawhorseization (Ecuador). What is the difference between the two approaches? 6.High capital mobility is forcing emerging market nations to choose between free-floating regimes and currency board or dollarization regimes. What are the main outcomes of each of these regimes from the perspective of emerging market nations? 7.On January 4, 1999, eleven member states of the European Union initiated the European Monetary Union (EMU) and established a single currency, the euro, which replaced the individual currencies of participating member states. Describe three of the main ways that the euro affects the members of the EMU. 8.Why did the fixed exchange rate regime of 19451973 eventually fail? 9.How did the Argentine currency board function from 1991 to January 2002 and why did it interrupt? DEADChapter 41. Business managers and investors need jazz data to anticipate changes in host country economic policies that might be driven by BOP events.2. From the perspective of business managers and investors list three specific signals that a countrys BOP data can provide.3. What are the two main types of economic activity measured by acountrys BOP?4. Why does the BOP always balance?5. If the BOP were viewed as an accounting statement, would it be a balance sheet of the countrys wealth, an income statement of the countrys earnings, or a funds flow statement of money into and out of the country?6. What are the main component accounts of the current account? Give one debit entry and one credit example for each component account for the United States. adjust7. The US dollar has maintained or increased its value over the past 20 years despite caterpillar tread a gradually increasing current account deficit. Why has this phenomenon occurred?Chapter 51. What were the three major forces female genitals the credit crisis of 2007 and 2008?2. Why were LIBOR rates so much higher than Treasure yields in 2007 and 2008? What is needed to give way LIBOR rates to the lower, more stable rates of the past?3. What were the three key elements of the package used by the U.S. government to resolve the 2008-9 credit crisis?4. Why are the sovereign debtors of the Eurozone considered to have a problem that is different from any other heavily indebted country, like the United States?5. Why has the face of Portugal been termed a case of contagion rather than a sovereign debt crisis?6. What are the three primary methods which might be used individually or in combination to resolve the European debt crisis?

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East of Eden: The Discovery of Innocence

The Discovery of Innocence on the Western Frontier What happens in the West? What kind of change takes place when an individual get throughes over the terminus ad quem separating what has been settled from what has yet to be the frontier. Over the last few weeks I have continued to investigate the idea of the West as a place that has yet to be defined. Many sequences, authors and people be not even sure where it starts as it is an invisible border that exists only in the minds of those who seek to cross it.Once across this ambiguous frontier, the traveler ncounters a place in which time seems to be su go acrossed. As in the story of the Garden of Eden, paradise (or the West) represents a sphere in which God has held the hands of time, and the people and creatures have it away in a state of eternal sa handsess. The idea of ghost towns in the West embodies the notion of a place somehow macrocosm removed from the influence of time. Ghost towns exist as settlements that people fo rgot. However, unconnected settlements in the East where space is at a premium and any unused building would readily be removed and replaced by something else, in theWest these places remain, like footprints on the moon where no erosion of time can disturb them. The same principle applies to people. The West has the effect of amnesia upon the minds of those who partake of it. In some ways, it resembles the lotus flowers from The Odyssey. In the epic, any persons who tasted of the lotus flowers immediately forgot about home and opted to stay where they could partake of the flowers. A similar effect can be found among the mountain men and explorers of the Rocky Mountains.Often times these men would become so intoxicated by the rugged eauty and isolation they found in the West that they would spend years in the mountains instead of the months they had planned on. These men became real life Rip Van Winkles, being suspended from time for so long they were not aware of major events suc h as presidential elections, new territories, or wars. Not only is the West edenic in the way that time operates, it is also almost tied

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Managing Team Conflict

Potential sources of infringe for the aggroup include team sections schedules, member disagreement, lack of consideration of deadlines, lack of input, and in effectual communication. One issue to contribute to departure is the lack of input of altogether team members and the chastisement for team members to show up and meet at the designated time agreed upon by all team members. Since there are different knowledge and expertness set levels of all the members of the team, there can be areas where these levels overlap. In addition, there can also be areas where the team is missing necessary strengths to full go to the team in its goals.Without effective communication, team members cannot fully express skills each person menstruumly possesses, and areas of knowledge where instigateance is needed. Communication barriers pose potential problems as well. One communication barrier that exists is failure for group members to utilize active listening. According to Hamilton (2001), Many measure when we are discussing a problem with separates, we listen selfishly. In other words, we listen to gather ammunition for our rebuttals and to locate when we an insert our viewpoints into our conversation. Active listening requires us to listen from the speakers viewpoint (312). With this in mind, it is grave for all team members to utilize active listening and be open to new ideas and thinking. It is through acquire from other team members that a team can increase strengths and gain additional knowledge to assist the team in its goals.One way to assist with communication is having a leader of the team. The role of the leader is ingrained because it helps the team maintain organization and structure. Having a leader can assist the team when decision making must be performed. In the decision making process, three leadership styles utilise are autocratic, democratic and laissez-fairre. Each of these leadership styles can be used by any individual within the team. U ltimately, the goal of the team should be to use the democratic leadership style. The democratic leadership style is the preferred order of decision making because, two-way communication exists between leaders and followers, (Hamilton, 319). It is this two-way communication that depart assist all team members in having a say about the decision and making the decision that forget best benefit all team members.Failure to utilize effective communication can lead to conflict within the group. One conflict already experienced within the group is lack of input and failure for all members to show up for designated meetings. This creates a problem since all input is needed to make effective decisions within the group. It becomes a problem for completing assignments without all input from team members and creates tension within the team since less members are available to perform all the work needed to complete the assignment. Those members who are actively working on the assignments are doing work for those members who fail to give input or report as a team.One source of conflict that is beneficial to the team is that conflict surrounding differences of opinions. Since each individual is peculiar and brings knowledge with him or her, having challenging opinions and views will ultimately assist the team in its knowledge and large term goals. 2. How will the team deal with a team member who will not assemble with the team goals and objectives for instance, the team member who is personally offensive or, the team member who is a social tush?Having a leader who will be in charge of the team is a way to detain the issues that arise in the team. In addition, ground rules must be established when the team is formed to derogate the risk of issues among the team. If a team member is consistently disrupting the team and not assisting the team in its goals, therefore action needs to be taken. If the leader of the team is unable to resolve the issue with the team membe r, accordingly additional intervention may need to occur.3. Reflect once more on the experiences youve had within your current erudition team. Describe a time when the members of your team have managed conflict by a. Avoidance b. disputation c. Accommodation d. Collaboration e. CompromiseNext, discuss which of the above conflict anxiety methods seemed to yield the best outcomes for your learning team. Explain your rationale. Since lack of input poses to be a problem with the current learning team, avoidance is used by team members. The remaining team members who show up for meetings and actively contribute have make so in a collaborative manner in order to finish the task at hand. The six conflict management strategies can occur in all teams, but the conflict management strategy that yields the best outcome is using collaboration. Collaboration is a means of problem solving that takes all ideas and finds the best solution based upon the ideas. If all team members bring ideas to the table, the learning team can so take all ideas into consideration and determine the best solution to the conflict.4. Summarize the responses to 3 into five particular team rules about conflict management that describe how team members will respond and behave in challenging situations. Consider adopting the following phrasing When faced with conflict, our team will manage it by. A. earn a schedule that lists who is responsible for what portion and the due date for inclusion in the overall project.B. Everyone will communicate in a respectful manner.C. Take constructive criticism and compromiseD. Work cooperatively with other members of the team.E. Participate and complete assignment on timeReferencesHamilton, Cheryl R (2001) Communicating for Results. Belmont Wadsworth / ThomsonLearning.

My Eldest Cousin Essay

Many hoi polloi admire singers, movie stars, who make so much money that they could do everything they want and are famous. However, they dont even know the person or their personality whom they admire. To me, admiration is a kind of respect. But there arent a lot of people who deserve this sort of respect from me in this world. Respecting my parents who raised me is the important thing that I extradite to do for the rest of my life. Besides my parents, my eldest cousin is the only person who made me breast at things differently.He is two years older than me. His name is Khoi. I can memorialise when I was a proud school kid. My family used to live in a rural town that was far away from my school. For convenience, I had to stay temporarily in my aunts house for studying. My aunt has only one son who is my eldest cousin. He has curly hair, tall with dark skin and his body was built with muscle. Those things made him look extremely strong. I could imagine that he is handle a ston e, like Bruce Lee. He was very keen at sports.Read more thanMost admirable personessayPlaying basketball was his popular one. Whenever he played, his team won most of the time. It was interesting to observe how extremely emotionally involved he was in the game. He had many fans in our school, many people liked him. I can remember one of his games. His team was down by three points and they had only five seconds left, he had the ball from a teammate and then he made a three pointer to make the game in a tie. They went over time. Finally, his team won by five points. After finishing the game, some of his fans carried him and ran or so the basketball court for celebrating. Sport was ever for him a source of fun, emotions, experiences, which are important ingredients in his sacred life.Not only he was very cracking at sports, but also his knowledge was broad. He was the person who had the highest grades in the school. All teachers loved him, they always told us Khoi is a good st udent, he deserves to be the person for you to learn from. He did too great in the school. Consequently, few people hated him because they were jealous. despite of the fact that he was a good student in our school, he wasnt haughty. He always thought that he had to learn more and more every sidereal day even though he was only 18 years old by that time. At home, he was also a good son. He always respected his parents and elders. He helped his mother to clean house, wash dishes, mop floors more and moreHe also helped me on my homework, helped me whenever I got in troubles. Our neighbors liked him too. One of our neighbor talked to his parents and said You have a great son, you must be proud of him. His parents were very happy. My cousin never stopped cultivation new things. He always got advices from other people even though he had his ideas to solve his problems. He became a business man successfully after finishing his major. He was glad to help everyone who was in our family wh enever we had troubles. He taught me about life experience and helped me when I got in troubles.For example, after a long day of work he was really tired and just wanted to go home and took a nap. Instead, he spent time and listened to me about troubles that I had. And then he solved the problems and gave me some advices before winning the shower. In conclusion, I admire my eldest cousin because he taught me about life, and tried to help me when I needed him. He is the greatest person that Ive ever known. He is the person that I would like to learn from. He advised me that I need to treat people respectfully I should not stop learning new things and try to help people if they need me. Otherwise, my life will be meaningless.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Eastwind Trading Company Essay

The potential opportunity and long term sustainability of Eastwind Trading Company lies in the singularity of their product. The Swanson pearls are the only remaining collection of handmade freshwater pearl buttons in the world. The amount is special and cannot be easily duplicated due to current environmental condition. Therefore, the item that no one else carries these types of buttons is the main free-enterprise(a) proceeds the Eastwinds Trading Company posses.This exclusiveness, however, can also result in the caller-outs helplessness very perishable, expensive, and difficult to handle small items that require careful organization and specialization to control costs. The company is still in the existence stage. Gail and Martha are now focusing in getting enough gold to cover all the expenses the acquisition of the business will bring. However, they whitethorn also need to center their solicitude in how to generate enough tools to make their business expand and become a v iable company.By having a product that is unique and hard to duplicate, this advantage is long-term. There is a great opportunity in expanding the business by creating new bias of selling the pearls. Hiring sales representatives that will cover all the nation, come up clothing manufacturers and de hallers that will buy the buttons at wholesale price and covering the areas that were previously uncovered by the Swansons are some of the main goals of Martha and Gail.These goals will situate the business at a competitive advantage against competitors by satisfying the needs of customers that would be attracted by the exclusivity of the buttons. The key risk for investors is that button business is much(prenominal) an unconventional deal that it may result unattractive. The demand for exclusive buttons in the manufacturer industry as there are other types of cheaper fastenings that can be used for clothing i. e. Zipper and plastic buttons may be decreasing.Consequently, the Eastwind Tr ading Company needs to implement some sort of diversity in its trend to supplement the sales of the raw material when the demand for buttons is low. Martha and Gail have experience in management and trade which makes a good addition to the development and success of their future business. Their experience can be use in the development of a new strategy that will re- introduce the pearls in the market term expanding the product in areas that were never covered by the previous wners.The fact that the raw material could be cut off leaving a semiprecious stone that could be mounted as earrings, necklaces or rings is a plus for the business and needs to be exploit at its maximum. Despite the fact that the pair was advised by the financial counselor that they will be working in an anaemic lending environment, they sell the bankers only the concept of the buttons business, ignoring the more profitable concept of selling them as jewelry.As a result their offer was rejected by about 10 f inancial institutions. Finally, Stadium depone would lend the money but only if guarantee by the Small Business Administration (SBA). By having the SBA guaranteeing their debt Martha and Gail may be removing the banks incentive to work directly with them. If they encounter a financial problem they may be ignored by the bank instead of getting assistance as borrowers since SBA is guaranteeing the loanword by 90%.The fact that the companys loan has to be personally insure by their owners may be a downside for the negotiation. Gail and Marthas personal assets may be affected if this surmisal goes wrong. We hardly recommend Eastwind Trading Company to analyze extremely careful the terms of their loan, see if the loan is right for them and confirm that what the bank is offering is what their business really needs to flourished and succeed before they sign any agreement with the lender. As for right now we will turndown Eastwinds project.The venture has no strategy in place to explain how the company plans to diversify itself through the use of new products or new services related to the existing product except for the vague ideas associated with the jewelrys human race which is in fact the most profitable option. When a business is such an unconventional deal as the sale of buttons is, it may result unattractive. The key to success will be then to create a really strong business plan, marketing strategy, a good team of sales rep, well-organized channels diffusion and an aggressive advertizing campain in order to sale your ideas and pursue your business aspirations.