Sunday, February 16, 2020

Important place Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Important place - Essay Example Are you interested in knowing more about this amazing place? I know you said yes, join me as we address the nitty-gritties of this wonderful place. Talking of location, my house is perfectly located in a highly and rocky ground. It stands tall besides neatly pruned cypress trees. Located at the northwest side of the homestead, my house distinguishes itself from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. The rear door faces the south while the front towards the north. Wind movements that usually moves from the east towards the west cannot find its way into the house. In addition, a perimeter electric fence ensures that the house is fully protected against any invasion by malicious individuals. The neighborhood is very serene. Within the region, electricity is guaranteed. However, when there is no electricity there are automatic generators; this ensures that the house is continually lit. I love the location of my house, it just fits perfectly to be a dream house that I have admired over the years. The architectural design is out of this world. It is a two-storied mansion with three bedrooms, a table room, a meditation room, three washroom areas, and a kitchen. The clean finishing and the perfect match of the colors say it all. From outside, the green compound with cypress trees matches very well with shades of green painting in the exterior section of the house. On the inside, the house is sparkling white. The outside door is automated; a stranger cannot get access without a request. The kitchen and the bedrooms have a perfect wood finishing that gives the aesthetic appeal of the house. On the middle of the house is a wooden staircase; a neatly cut wooden trunk perfectly fits at the middle and connects the upper floor from the ground floor. The trunk gives the house a natural look, which makes it very appealing. The table room is one that will impress. The wooden ceiling and the perfectly tiled floor makes the house so

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Introduction and Conclusion for Accounting Paper Essay

Introduction and Conclusion for Accounting Paper - Essay Example he report argues that it is vital for companies today to pay attention to issues which affect their bottom line of gross profit, taxes, and net income. The report reviews FASB standards for valuing inventory, at or below market value, which the accountant must do. Supervision of inventory is something that falls into accountants’ responsibilities and job duties, along with when and where to capitalize interest on construction projects being done by the firm. Perhaps the most important accountancy duty covered in the current investigation, however, remains recording gain or loss on asset disposal—accuracy in this accounting duty is integral to the firm’s success, as well as good reputation. The report proposes the straight-line, declining-balance, and sum-of-years approaches, while giving real world examples of equations which may be used in this most important part of accounting. It is also important to consider the importance of adjusting goodwill for impairment in a way that can provide the company with valuable information relative to future investment planning, in order to again, optimize profits and revenues for the firm. The current report has looked at why an accountant would require various documentation from a client, and has also shown real world demonstrations of equations used for recording gain or loss on asset disposal (one of the most important required tasks for accountants, and one which can be done in a variety of ways). The report has also looked into issues of adjusting lower cost of market inventory, capitalizing interest on building construction, and adjusting goodwill for impairment. Each of these functions has its separate use for accountancy, and these various uses form a holistic picture of what may be expected from on-the-job performance tasks. Some of the tasks, such as adjusting inventory, may be very long and complex, depending on the depth and age of the company’s inventory stocks. The accountant must present these