Friday, May 8, 2020

Book Review After This By Marcus Engel - 1187 Words

Book Review: After This†¦ by Marcus Engel Suddenly losing his eyesight at a young age and having to deal with living in a whole new world, Marcus Engel tells his story of how he coped with losing his eyesight. Marcus Engel described his hardships and struggles after he became blind in his book, After This†¦An Inspirational Journey for All the Wrong Reasons. The book begins with Engel mentioning his college life and how he was excited to be going back home for vacation. While he was with his friends he got into a bad car accident that left him blind. The rest of the book tells his emotional life changing story of how he learned to accept his blindness and to do daily tasks. In his stay at the hospital he made a goal to get back to college.†¦show more content†¦Due to certain people, he was able to feel like a human being rather than an exhibit. Some doctors made him feel like he was an object rather than a human, which made him feel powerless and angry. Others, like nurses and doctors, made him feel like his old self again. Dennis Fuller, a speech pathologist, who was there to teach him how to speak again, was one of the doctors that Engel mentioned with respect and admiration. The doctor addressed him as ‘dude’ rather than ‘Mr. Engel’ and he talked with him about football and joked with him. Simple things like that made Engel feel happy and pleased. â€Å"Humor, voice, respect, and a life lesson I shall never forget; all from one person who probably never realized what a profound impact he was making† (Engel, 2006, p. 132). Although the healthcare providers were doing their jobs, some treated him with pity and as an object. Just by addressing him with his name or asking him simple questions about himself made him feel like he was normal and a part of society. Others that influenced his stay at the hospital were two nurses, Barb and Rick. Barb became close to him really quickly by the way she addressed him and treated him. Rick and Engel became friends by conversing about their stories of growing up. The one common aspect both nurses had was that they treated Engel as if he wasn’t blind. When he spent time with them, his blindness became irrelevant. After he left theShow MoreRelatedDr. Marcus Engel s I m Here : Compassionate Communication1126 Words   |  5 PagesBook Review: I’m Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Care by Marcus Engel Marcus Engel emphasized on communication and empathy when dealing with patients in his book, I’m Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Care. As he struggled to cope with his hospital stay, certain health care providers helped him improve his mental and physical health. He wrote about the doctors, nurses, and other health care providers he met. In his book he mentioned how the behavior and tone of health careRead MoreManagement and Teaching Note19520 Words   |  79 Pages(9pp) TCJ03-02-05N TECHNICAL NOTE: FRANCHISING Godsey, M; Sebora, TC The CASE Journal 5pp KEL279 TTOOLS (A): THE VALUE OF A PATENT TO THE ENTREPRENEUR Conley, JG; Qu, F; Nudd, G; Marcus, JC Kellogg School of Management 12pp KEL280 TTOOLS (B): THE VALUE OF A PATENT TO THE ENTREPRENEUR Supplement Conley, JG; Qu, F; Nudd, G; Marcus, JC Kellogg School of Management 18pp 9-807-148 WILL RACINGTHEPLANET LTD REACH THE FINISH LINE? Isenberg, DJ Harvard Business School Publishing 24pp 807-056-1 ZHANG YIN: CHINAà ¢â‚¬â„¢S

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